Travel Smart in Amsterdam: Your Guide to Low-fee Cards Over Cash and Regular Credit: Revolut and Wise Compared (Canada, US, and International Traveller Edition)

If you’re traveling from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil, or one of the other 35 countries listed below, consider obtaining a Revolut or Wise card. These cards are accepted anywhere Mastercard or Visa (Revolut/Wise) is accepted.

They offer a modern alternative to traditional money exchange services and carrying cash. You can withdraw cash from local ATMs without fees, or make contactless payments. Transactions are converted back to your local currency at prevailing exchange rates, typically offering better value compared to traditional exchanges, banks, post offices, or conventional credit cards.

In Amsterdam, these cards are now also accepted for public transport, which means you don’t need to purchase tickets or travel cards. You can read more about that in our article here.

Below is a card comparison:

Cash Withdrawal AbroadNot SpecifiedUp to $200 per month at out-of-network ATMs​
Exchange RateGives the exchange rate seen on Google​Interbank exchange rate on weekdays​
PricingOne-time fee of $9 for the card​Free!

Revolut Metal available at additional cost with additional benefits​
Currency Conversion FeeUp to 3% when traveling abroad​No conversion fees on weekdays, additional fee on weekends​
App FeaturesInstant card freeze/unfreeze, digital cards, transaction notifications​.  Apple Pay and Google Pay, more…Expense splitting, spending tracking, card freeze, Apple Pay and Google Pay connectivity​, more…
Available in CountriesUK, US, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil, most of the EEA​Over 35 countries including the EEA, Australia, Singapore, Japan, US, and Canada​

Maestro? What’s Maestro?

Maestro, a debit card service by MasterCard, has been prominent in Europe, including Amsterdam, facilitating point-of-sale transactions and ATM withdrawals. However, its prevalence is decreasing with the rise of modern payment systems like Visa and Mastercard.

However, in Amsterdam and parts of the EU, some establishments, like certain Albert Heijn grocery stores for example, still primarily accept Maestro cards or cash, although they usually have a regular checkout for cash payments.

Despite the wider acceptance of Visa or Mastercard, the occasional preference for Maestro in some places suggests travellers keep some cash on hand to avoid any inconvenience. The above cards will ensure you can get cash locally when you need it.

Which one then?

Both cards—Wise and Revolut—function efficiently and come with appealing additional features and apps. It’s beneficial to note that, during a past trip to the Middle East, only the Revolut card was accepted at ATMs. While this scenario might have evolved with the expansion of Wise in the region, it’s a consideration worth bearing in mind.

Links to get the cards:

If you are thinking of getting a card, click one of the links below to go directly to the issuer’s site, or use our referral link. (helps us keep this site alive)



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