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Welcome to your practical guide to Amsterdam. Prioritising the nuts and bolts that many overlook, we shed light on the real essentials: how to pay, commute, and navigate daily life. Dive into the utility that other guides bypass..

About us

Our global team is a unique blend of wanderers, remote professionals, and city explorers. Having resided in major metropolises across the world, we’ve firsthand understood the intricacies that come with settling into a new city. Drawing from these diverse experiences, we’re dedicated to providing you with the essential insights you’ll need upon your arrival in Amsterdam. When everything feels new and different, trust in our expertise to make Amsterdam feel a little more familiar. With our guidance, the city’s nuances become second nature. Let’s embark on your Amsterdam journey together.

Our Services

Navigating Amsterdam’s business landscape for corporate events requires a trustworthy guide with an insider’s touch. That’s precisely what our comprehensive service offers. As part of our Local Liaison Service, we provide a dedicated Amsterdam expert to assist with everything from gathering vital information to managing local communications and organising the finer event details. Beyond the hands-on help, our service extends to venue exploration. We personally inspect potential event spaces, delivering detailed overviews, precise CAD drawings and measurements, and immersive 360° VR videos, allowing you to virtually experience venues. With our all-encompassing service, we seamlessly connect your objectives with Amsterdam’s vast possibilities, ensuring your corporate endeavours are executed with precision and flair.


Visit Amsterdam in VR

Immerse yourself in Amsterdam’s iconic bike culture with our 360° video content. Experience scenic rides in and around the city, capturing its essence from a cyclist’s perspective, all from the comfort of your screen or headset.