Amsterdam weather

What’s the Amsterdam weather like?

The Netherlands has a maritime climate, with the coastal provinces having the mildest climate throughout the year. Amsterdam has warm but hardly ever hot summers and mild winters. We get quite a bit rain all year round. The upside of all that rain is that it’s wonderfully green here, even in the middle of summer.

amsterdam weatherDutch weather is very unpredictable, and can change not only from day to day, but from hour to hour. Spring and autumn weather are the most unpredictable. It can get very warm in spring, with temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius in April, but with winter like temperatures in June. No wonder complaining about the weather is a popular Dutch pastime. Whatever time of year you’re coming to visit, an umbrella and a warm sweater can always come in handy!

In winter spells of cold weather, usually lasting from one week up to a month, rivers and canals freeze up. Some winters it doesn’t happen at all, to the dismay of the many avid skaters in this country. In summer, fine, hot weather can last for some weeks but the weather can also be cool and unsettled. Average daily sunshine amounts range from about two hours in January to between seven and eight hours in June.

There’s only one predictable thing about Dutch weather: the wind. The flat countryside makes this a rather windy place at all times of the year. We love the summer breezes and curse the winter gales, but we all know the wind is part of who we are as a people. After all, we wouldn’t have had much use for windmills without that wind…

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