speeltuin groot melkhuis

Fun activities for kids in Amsterdam

Despite its ‘adult’ reputation, Amsterdam is a very child friendly city. Every neighbourhood has its own “speeltuin’ or playground, many museums have a special programme for kids and the Dutch bring their kids everywhere, so a lot of restaurants and cafes are child friendly. So beyond the usual suspects like the Zoo and a canal cruise, what does Amsterdam have to offer for kids? Here are some fun activities for kids for every type of weather.

Explore NEMO: The science museum is an interactive adventure for children. They are encouraged to smell, hear, feel and see how the world works. A fantastic option for a rainy day, though it is best outside Dutch school holidays.

Eat Pancakes: Eating giant pancakes for lunch or dinner, how much better can it get? Take your kids to one of Amsterdam’s many pancake houses, find the best pancakes here.

VAmstelpark playgroundisit the Vondelpark: Often called Amsterdam’s Central park, there’s plenty of fun to be had in the Vondelpark. Rent some rollerblades or let your children play in the playground of the Groot Melkhuis while you enjoy a drink in the sun on their great waterside terrace with view of the playground.

Play indoors: If your kids have energy to burn on a rainy day, take them to Tunfun, a centrally located indoors, underground playground

Rent a waterbike: A water bike is a boat you pedal with your feet. It’s great fun in sunny weather, and still doable when it rains; boats can be covered with a rain shield.

Play in the Amstelpark: A little ways outside the city center, you can find the Amstelpark, with a huge playground, mini golf course and a petting zoo.

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