Not your average Amsterdam guided tour

I recently had the pleasure of  joining the Black Heritage Amsterdam Canal Tour. I have worked as a Tour Guide here in Amsterdam in the past, so most guided tours in Amsterdam have very little new to tell me, some of them make my eyes roll and until now none have made me look at my city with new eyes.

The Black Heritage Amsterdam Tour did just that. While The Netherlands’ slavery history is frequently glossed over in Dutch history and by most guides in Amsterdam, the wealth that spurred Amsterdam’s famous Golden Age was earned over backs of enslaved people. And when you know what to look for, you see this reflected in Amsterdam’s cityscape.

The fabulous guides Jennifer Tosch and Nancy Jouwe identified many such locations. Amsterdam’s slavery history is explored great detail, giving names and faces to not only slave owners, but also the black community that lived in Amsterdam from the 1600s on.

Note: This tour is most powerful if you already know a bit about Amsterdam’s history, so it is perhaps less suitable if it is to be your only guided tour.


Black Heritage Amsterdam Canal Tour

(Every Sunday: February – November)

Guided Boat Tours Every Sunday from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

Private walking and boat tours are available Monday through Saturday.

Contact for more information.

There’s also a Guide book available: The Amsterdam Slavery Heritage Guide.

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