Amsterdam Light Festival

Every winter Amsterdam lights up during the Amsterdam Light Festival. A cultural festival of light and water which literally puts the history of the city in the spotlights. I can’t imagine anything better for the dark and sometimes gloomy winter months!

From December through January, buildings are lit enchantingly or artistically and light sculptures by contemporary (international) artists can be admired all over the center of Amsterdam.

Boat and Walking Route

A boat route, Water Colors, takes visitors past artworks along Amsterdam’s canals and the Amstel. The walking route, Illuminade, winds through the city center. During the festival, light plays a central role in the city as museums and institutions organize light-related activities, introducing visitors to innovations in light art.

The Amsterdam Light Festival  2014-2015 will have the theme ‘A Bright City’,  and challenges artists to create a tribute to life the city. The resulting artworks present a unique take on the modern city of Amsterdam.



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